Selkirk Rex 

Background and Character.

Actually, the history and development of this young breed of cats tells us a lot about their nature and their loving character.

The story of this wonderful breed begins in 1987 in Montana, USA. Back then, a street cat gave birth to five kittens. All five ended up in a animal shelter. One kitten, Miss de Pesto, was noticeably different. Not only did it seem like it had curls, the character was very friendly and people-oriented. 
Jeri Newmann, a well-known cat breeder of Persian cats in the USA, crossed Miss de Pesto with a black Persian male named Photo Finish.
This was the beginning of a new pedigree cat variety, which was recognized by TICA, CFA and WCF as a separate cat breed in 1992. Both short and long hair variations are allowed. 
In the country of origin of the USA, this type of cat is already quite popular and well-known. Not only because of its friendly and people-oriented character, which has earned it the nickname "dog cat", the breed is also very well tolerated by people who are allergic to cat hair.

Selkirk Rex cats are calm, patient, and very friendly. You need a person's attention and presence. If she had to be alone for several hours a day, then she would "break". Therefore, as good breeders, we do not give this cat in solitary keeping or if we suspect when that “your human” cannot find enough time for this friendly creature.